PBB Otso: All Star Dreamers Become Official Housemates

An unexpected twist in “Pinoy Big Brother Otso” surprised viewers last weekend as for the first time this season, all Star Dreamers became official housemates, with Kuya allowing the eight remaining to enter his house.

“The Gr8 Crossover” happened after the last four Star Dreamers—Batit, Ashley, Lance, and Narcy—were finally allowed to join Jem, Gwen, Emjay, and Shami inside Kuya’s House, reuniting them with Shoichi, Mich, Alfred, Tan, Angela, Yen, Kyzha, and Sheena, who were the first Star Dreamers to enter Kuya’s house.

Batit, Ashley, Lance, and Narcy successfully crossed over only after the existing housemates completed a challenge that tested their determination: using only sticks, they must lift giant coins with pictures of the remaining four from a container and transferring them to another. The task proved to be grueling, but after hours of trying, the housemates never gave up.

Meanwhile, the first eight teen housemates made a great first impression as they succeeded on their first weekly task. They were judged by the top three “World of Dance Philippines” finalists as they performed three dance routines that displayed their talent on dancing.

How will the game change now that the Star Dreamers and the housemates are in a single house?

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  1. Anonymous // April 16, 2019 at 10:27 pm //

    Nakakatamad panoorin any pbb teens sana ibalik nlng yun mga Korean series. Nuknukan ng kaartehan at Kanya kanyang gimik. Landi dito at landi soon. 1 week pa many Kanya kanyang hanap ng love team.

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