The Journey of ‘Diskarte Pinoy TV’ with LBC at the Helm

When Ellen and Arnel Sagle started their entrepreneurial journey, they were armed with nothing but a vision and P14,000. At the time, they had no idea that their venture, Diskarte Pinoy TV, would become a go-to online resource for power and garden tools. 

She recalls that the major turning point for them was when a childhood friend and fellow entrepreneur, Karen Diaz, encouraged Arnel Sagle to take the plunge and start a business. They pooled their resources and that became the groundwork for Diskarte Pinoy’s future success. 

“We began with modest means, but our dreams were anything but small. We were driven by the belief that hard work and dedication could turn our vision into reality,” shares Ellen Sagle, Co-Founder of Diskarte Pinoy. “Karen’s encouragement and partnership talaga yung malaking bagay.” 

Her early belief in the Sagles’ vision and her financial contribution laid the groundwork for eventual growth of their business. They dipped their toe in the world of online selling, starting with an ukay-ukay shop before transitioning into surplus power tools. 

Growth and Reliability

It wasn’t long before they saw their product range expand from auctioned surplus goods to brand new power tools. And as their wares began to include big ticket items, they started to recognize the need for more reliable partners who could help them ship their goods. 

“It was a customer, actually, who first raised the idea of shipping with LBC. And if we could find him and thank him now, we would,” Arnel reminisced. 

With that single shipment, Diskarte Pinoy realized what a huge difference a reliable and trusted logistics partner could offer their business. At that point, they knew, if they wanted to grow their business and expand their reach, they needed LBC on their side. 

The Perfect Ally

LBC emerged as the perfect ally, offering not just courier services but a partnership that understood and catered to the unique needs of an online business.

LBC’s tailored solutions, including the Asenso Hub platform, provided Diskarte Pinoy TV with discounts and logistical advantages that significantly impacted their bottom line and customer satisfaction.

The Asenso Hub service, in particular, was a game-changer for the Sagles. With it, they received up to 50% discounts on shipping rates, which not only boosted their profit margins but also allowed them to offer more competitive pricing to their customers. 

“LBC transformed the way we did business. Their reliability, nationwide network, and services like Asenso Hub, which gave us significant advantages against our competition helped bring us to where we are now,” Ellen explained. “This partnership allowed Diskarte Pinoy TV to streamline operations, improve customer satisfaction, and expand our market reach.”

This level of support from a courier company is almost unheard of in e-commerce, but LBC continues to demonstrate how instrumental they can be for local businesses who want to understand the complexities of online retailing. 

The Angel Behind It All

Among all their serendipitous partnerships and alliances, there’s one that the Sagle’s credit for starting it all; the one that they consider their true angel. 

“Without Karen, we never would have had the courage to start the ukay-ukay or surplus business, which means we wouldn’t have had a chance to start Diskarte Pinoy; we wouldn’t have met the first customer who wanted us to ship through LBC; and we wouldn’t have had a chance to expand our reach by working with them,” Arnel said. 

As Diskarte Pinoy TV looks to the future, the foundation laid by their early supporters and the ongoing partnership with LBC continue to be central to their growth strategy. The journey of Ellen and Arnel Sagle from a small startup to a successful online shows how strategic partnerships and support networks can make a huge difference, no matter how modest your start is.

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