How Sharing Your Trips on Social Media Can Help You to Sell More

When you’re in charge of a business, its well-functioning is your main concern. Most likely, you’ve been trying various methods to boost your sales, and if they haven’t really shown any results, you were left wondering what to do. You might be thinking: “I grew my brand with Buzzoid”. That’s great because likes and engagement represent one of the most important aspects of reaching more sales.

Another thing you must remember is to show your humanity. Basically, people will give you a much better time if you show who the person behind the business is. So, here are some reasons why sharing your trips on social media can increase your sales.

Authentic Content
By sharing your trips on social media, you will basically talk to the audience like a real person, not under the image of your brand. It’s one way to show them who you are, and it’s just like you would meet them face to face.
Before they end up buying from you, it’s much better if they see you for who you really are, which is more effective than just using the brand image to do it. Once you “introduce yourself”, you can try to sell them your products or services.

Audience Engagement

Let’s be honest, does business-related content seem that fun to engage with? Whereas it’s only normal you want to let people know what your brand offers, company-related posts won’t get that many likes, comments, and shares. On the contrary, personal content will be much more appreciated and could make your business thrive.

Basically, showing your audience the adventures you’re going through will convince them you are a real person who enjoys life the same way they do. Consequently, they will like your posts, leave comments, and even share them. The word will spread, and your audience will grow as a result.

If you engage back, you will build a relationship of trust, and the followers will be more likely to buy your products.


You most likely know about hashtags and how they work. Well, keep in mind that if you run a business account on Instagram, boring hashtags won’t really do the trick. You must find hashtags that are not only linked to what your brand offers but will also bring your posts to people’s attention and help you receive feedback.

As such, if you’re going on a trip and take a bunch of pictures, you can use them to advertise your business in a way that’s not overselling. Your posts will get featured when someone’s searching for the hashtag, and your business will experience a boost in feedback and sales.

Final Thoughts

Although personal life shouldn’t be mixed with work life, your trip pictures could have a positive influence on your company. Your audience wants to know the real person behind the account and the business. So, sharing your trips is a great way to introduce yourself to the world.

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