Mark and Apey Reunite with Family in ‘PBB Otso’

Apey and Mark’s journey as housemates, and as siblings, is now even more meaningful as the Binibining Daldal of Gen San has been reunited with their father last Sunday (January 27).

Tears and forgiveness marked the reunion of Apey and her father, Mariano Obera, who apologized for being absent in her life for 23 years. After Apey shared what she went through with her father, the latter couldn’t help but feel sorry for not being there for her but at the same time proud that she was able to overcome many things.

The reunion was made possible after Apey, with the help of older brother Mark, the Incredible Itay of Compostela Valley, successfully finished a task of moving time forward by pulling the hands of a giant clock.

As 2-in-1 housemates, Apey and Mark, now face a new challenge after being nominated for eviction along with Wakim, the Gifted Go-Getter of Iloilo, and Abi, the Kolehiyala Cutie of Isabela.

Who among them will get to stay in Kuya’s house? Tune in to “PBB Otso” to find out.

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