Crwn Teams Up with Jason Dhakal on New Single ‘Good Enough’

The R&B singer-songwriter is the first artist featured from the Séance universe

After a long wait, King Puentespina, also known as crwn, finally unveils “Good Enough,” his first single release in over a year. As anticipation mounts for his debut album set to hit shelves in May, crwn introduces his first featured artist, Jason Dhakal, signaling the start of the unfolding universe of Séance.

The track offers a glimpse into the album’s dance-centric theme, showcasing crwn’s iconic production style intertwined with Jason Dhakal’s introspective exploration of self-doubt. Together, they effortlessly draw listeners into a deeply personal narrative.

Crwn introduces Jason as one of his old collaborators featured on his debut album through an illustration that is reminiscent of a tarot card. The card, aptly titled “The Doubter,” serves as a mirror to the central character of the song “Good Enough.” When flipped, it unveils a message: “Looks inward where cracks reveal the beauty of vulnerability,” inviting listeners to explore the depths of self-discovery.The first single of the album came to life during a sit-down session in crwn’s home studio. As Puentespina laid down a beat, Jason Dahkal channeled his emotions, drawing from personal experiences of betrayal to write the lyrics. The resulting intimacy of the writing perfectly complemented the track’s bouncy and upbeat production, creating a head-bopping track. This exemplifies their undeniable chemistry, further solidified through collaborations like “XX:XX,” released in 2020.

The rest of the collaborators are rumored to share the same deep connection, having already worked with the Manila-based producer over his notable 11-year career.

Crwn is expected to reveal details about his much-awaited album in the upcoming weeks, building anticipation among fans and critics alike. Adding to the excitement, Jason is said to be joining crwn at his album launch party this May 11th at Nokal, Makati. Secure your spot now with early bird tickets available at

‘Good Enough’ is now available on all major streaming platforms.

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