Mary Grace Becomes Latest Housemate in ‘PBB Otso’

Mary Grace, known for being honest with her feelings and opinions, becomes Kuya’s newest official housemate, after Apey returns to the outside world after being evicted for garnering the lowest number of votes last Sunday (February 10).

The Inday Taray of Davao Occidental showed that she has a soft side as she became known as the ate or older sister of “Camp Star Hunt.” Kuya chose her to enter his house because she was unafraid to show her true self since day one, and more importantly, because she courageously faced her job of being a makeup artist and hairdresser despite the tasks being outside of her comfort zone. She had previously worked as a domestic helper in Hong Kong for three years.

As Mary Grace crossed over to Kuya’s house, Camille Sandel, the Scent-sational Stunner of Pampanga, became the latest star dreamer to join the camp. She is a model who tries to give a better life to her family be selling perfume online.

The entrance of Mary Grace to the PBB house marked the exit of Apey, who was nominated for eviction last week along with Lou and Wakim. The three were given the chance to talk to fellow housemates who were special to them. Lou chose to talk to Yamyam, who became an older brother figure to her while inside the house. Apey chose to speak with all the housemates, while Wakim chose Tori. The two had a special moment as the Gifted Go-Getter of Iloilo admitted his feelings of admiration for the Bombshell Sweetie of Singapore.

How will Wakim use his extended time in Kuya’s house to prove himself to Tori?

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