Win a Special Edition ‘The Amazing Race Philippines’ Back Pack!

Watch the remaining 5 episodes of "The Amazing Race Philippines Season 2" this week (Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat and Sun) and get the chance to win a special edition "The Amazing Race Back Pack" every night!

TARP Back Pack

Here are the mechanics:

1. Watch the finale week of “The Amazing Race Philippines Season 2.” The remaining 5 episodes will air from Wednesday to Sunday night.
2. Catch the trivia question of the day.
3. Send a private message on the official Facebook Page of “The Amazing Race Philippines Season 2” ( with your answer for the triva question.
4. If your answer is correct, your entry will qualify for the daily raffle.
5. Two winners of the special edition Amazing Race Philippines “back pack” will win each night!

“The Amazing Race Philippines Season 2” airs 9PM nightly with a one-hour special eliminations episode on Saturday (December 6) and a one-hour special finale on Sunday (December 7), exclusively on TV5.

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