LJ Moreno and CJ Laravata – The Amazing Race Philippines

Get to know more about LJ Moreno, 31, and CJ Laravata, 29, the celebrity best friends team in the Amazing Race Philippines.

LJ and CJ have been friends for more than 10 years. They are both TV and movie actresses and they have the same circle of friends. CJ still has her nanny always at her side and considers dressing up very important. She considers herself a die-hard fan of The Amazing Race franchise—even going so far as having friends quiz her about geography. LJ, on the other hand, is a devout Christian who puts her faith first even in the face of such a competitive game. She admits she and CJ will end up quarreling about who gets to do which stunts on the Race. Both are very passionate about being on the show and have a “mean” competitive streak.

Will they become the first winner of “The Amazing Race Philippines” and P2-million grand prize?

Hosted by Derek Ramsay, “The Amazing Race Philippines” premieres 9:00pm tonight, October 29, and airs Monday to Fridays and 8:30pm on Saturday on TV5.

Follow their journey via TARP’s official social media accounts @Amazinf_RacePH and hashtag #AmazingRacePH on Twitter and The Amazing Race Philippines fan page on Facebook.

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