‘The Amazing Race Philippines 2’ and ‘Wattpad Presents’ Move to New Timeslots

Due to insistent public demand, TV5 moves flagship programs The Amazing Race Philippines 2 (TARP) and Wattpad Presents to new primetime slots starting next week (Monday, October 20) at 9:00pm and 9:30pm respectively.


“We’ve been receiving valuable feedback from viewers saying that they are not able to watch the shows because they arrive home late. They usually get stuck in traffic and their daily commute home eats up their time. These viewers want to see these programs, but the shows are usually done with the night’s airing by the time they get home. This is the reason why we decided to move TARP to 9PM and Wattpad to 9:30PM, so we can reach these viewers,” said TV5 Chief Entertainment Content Officer Wilma V. Galvante.

As of press time, viewers await for the nerve-wrecking conclusion of the second leg of The Amazing Race Philippines 2. The leg proved to be very challenging and was able to present the racers in a different light, showing how their teamwork and strategies fall apart as they face daunting tasks. Team Sexy Besties RR Enriquez and Jeck Maierhofer were penalized for 4 hours after quitting from the challenge that required them to climb a wall to reach for a bottle of Summit Natural Drinking Water, while team Pinay World Champs Luz McClitton and Gretchen Albaniel became combative against each other after placing last on a series of challenges. This week also saw how team alliances crumbled as racers faced their first U-Turn mark, requiring them to vote for another team who will go back to the previous location to do another task. Team Mr. Pogi JP Duray and Kelvin Engles were the first team to be U-Turned. Winners of this leg will receive P200,000 cash prize courtesy of Shell V Power Nitro Plus.

Meanwhile, TV5’s romantic-comedy TV adaptations of popular Wattpad online novels continue to deliver feel-good and heartwarming stories as Wattpad Presents launches another batch of stories highly requested stories. This Monday, the much-awaited TV adaptation of the popular Wattpad love story “Dyepni” will come to life, featuring real-life sweethearts Alwyn Uytingco and Jennica Garcia. The couple recently announced that they had a secret wedding last February 12 at Victory Church Greenhills and “Dyepni” will be their first-ever TV project together as a couple. Originally written by pajama_addict and with almost 2 million reads on Wattpad, “Dyepni” depicts the bumpy but kilig love story between Nialla (Jennica Garcia) and Jeffrey (Alwyn Uytingco) which starts and ends in a “jeepney” ride. Will the supposedly typical jeepney ride of Nialla and Jeffrey drive them to their “love destination” together or are they just bound to get off and go their separate ways?

Don’t miss the back-to-back tandem of reality, action, love and adventure on its new timeslot starting next week. The Amazing Race Philippines season 2 airs daily at 9:00PM followed by Wattpad Presents: Dyepni, weeknights at 9:30PM, only on TV5.

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