Eula Caballero vs Ritz Azul on ‘Third Eye’

More and more people are finding it a habit to catch Eula Caballero battle it out with supernatural creatures in TV5’s Third Eye on Sunday nights.

After defeating a manananggal, sirena, tiyanak, and kapre, her character Cassandra faces a new challenge as Ritz Azul takes on the role of a mambabarang in this week’s episode of the hit show. In Philippine folklore, a mambabarang is synonymous to a powerful and cunning witch commonly known as a mangkukulam.

The two young ladies have been pitted against each other numerous times. This Sunday’s salvo of Third Eye will be the first time that the two TV5 Princesses face off in a drama. Despite the “rivalry” between them, Eula admits that she’s excited to work with Ritz, who is one of her closest showbiz friends.

Be sure to catch this exciting episode of Third Eye this Sunday, August 26, 9:30PM on TV5.

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