‘Cassandra: Warrior Angel’ Primer Airs this Sunday

TV5’s newest pampamilyang fantaserye takes flight this coming May with Cassandra: Warrior Angel. The primetime series that stars Gabby Concepcion, Eula Valdes, JC de Vera and Eula Caballero in the title role is definitely bigger and more exciting than its predecessor TV5’s successful supernatural weekly drama "Third Eye."

Cassandra_Warrior Angel_Tcard

Cassandra: Warrior Angel expands Third Eye’s story by delving into the mystery surrounding Cassandra’s family and her ability to see creatures from different realms. Set against the backdrop of angels and demons, the show also tackles the ancient battle between good and evil and the role that men played in this near apocalyptic war. Rife with allusions from the bible and several literature, Cassandra: Warrior Angel promises not to be just an enjoyable series, but an educational one as well guaranteed to entertain the whole family.

Before the show premieres on May 6 (Monday), a special primer entitled “Mga Anghel at Maligno: Mga Tunay na Kuwento sa Mundo ni Cassandra” will kick-off the series on May 5 (Sunday). The documentary special talks about the mythology of angels—their origins and human’s angelic encounters with these supernatural beings. The show also features experiences of Filipinos with dark creatures commonly known as malignos. Experts such as priests, anthropologists, and theologians were invited to the documentary to discuss this intriguing topic. Hosted by Gabby Concepcion, this primer will help viewers better understand the kind of world the characters of Cassandra: Warrior Angel live in.

With a captivating story and thrilling action scenes, TV5’s newest superhero will surely find its way into the hearts of many Filipinos. Don’t miss this back-to-back offering from Cassandra: Warrior Angel starting with the docu-primer on Sunday, 8:30PM followed by the pilot on May 6, 7:00PM only on TV5.

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