Eula Caballero and JC de Vera Join the Magical World of ‘Enchanted Garden’

Kapatid Princess Eula Caballero and Primetime Prince JC De Vera join the stellar cast of TV5's eco-fantasy series "Enchanted Garden."

There’s going to be more adventure, more excitement and more twists coming this month on TV5’s eco-fantasya, Enchanted Garden. After the intense encounters between the Diwanis (Alvera (Alice Dixson), Valerianna (Ruffa Gutierrez) and Quassia (Rufa Mae Quinto) and the evil Helfora and Michiko (BB Gandanghari) comes a freezing and dreadful Eden under the hands of Emilia (Bing Loyzaga), who is Helfora’s reincarnation. More challenges await the Diwanis as Emilia rules the enchanting world of Eden.

Catch TV5 Princess Eula Caballero as she plays the role of a grown-up Ella, the girl who knows the secret of Eden. Ten years have passed yet it seems like she lost all her Eden-related memories. Will she be able to remember Eden when it needs her the most?

She will be joined by TV5 Primetime Prince JC De Vera who plays the role of Edmond, a gutsy young man determined to fight for his older brother Eric (John James Uy) who was attacked and beaten by unidentified men. Edmond is protective of Eric especially now that they have to live their life without their aunt who had gone astray. How far will he go to seek justice for his brother? Will Ella be able to help him confront his own demons? What will happen to his journey in Eden?

Don’t miss the new and exciting characters of Eula Caballero and JC De Vera as they join the colorful world of Enchanted Garden. Catch them as they go on adventures and meet interesting people along their wonderful journey. Enchanted Garden airs weeknights, 6:30pm with catch-up marathon every Sunday, 10:30am on TV5.

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