Eula Caballero Faces Epic Battle in Last 2 Weeks of ‘Cassandra: Warior Angel’

TV5’s fantasy drama, Cassandra: Warrior Angel, reaches new heights as the hit primetime program inches closer to its season finale. Prepare for shocking deaths and surprising cliffhangers in the last two weeks of the series.


In the show’s last two weeks, Cassandra (Eula Caballero) must rally the forces of good for a final battle with the malignos. To do so, Cassandra will need the help of her estranged brother Cristoff (Alwyn Uytingco). But without any memory of their past, will Cristoff come to his sister’s aide?

Larissa (Eula Valdes), who’s finally reunited with her youngest son, Calix (Josh Stangeland), continues her mission to find her husband Uriel (Gabby Concepcion), but evil twin Azrael has already set his plans into motion, making sure that Uriel never finds his way to his family.

Lead star Eula Caballero has hinted that there are shocking deaths in the show that viewers need to watch out for. Another cliffhanger, she says, is the revelation of Cassandra’s love interest. Amidst all the chaos, love has bloomed for our heroine and fans of the show cannot wait to finally see who Cassandra will choose. Will the angel Gabriel (JC de Vera) and his loyalty win the heart of our warrior angel, or will she go to the caring, kindhearted, and yet human, Jude (Albie Casiño)?

With all these and more in store for the finale, viewers will surely find themselves at the edge of their seats with the fast-paced and thrilling action of Cassandra: Warrior Angel. Don’t miss its exciting last two weeks, weeknights, 7:00PM only on TV5.

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  1. alang ad na pumasok kaya tsugi yun o

  2. lokomoko // July 20, 2013 at 3:56 pm //

    hindi man lang naramdaman…

  3. toinks tapos na agad agad??? anyare??? kalilipat paalng ni eula at gabby nganga nanaman sila nyan…. yung ke tandang derek kelan???

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