Who Will Be the 1st Pinoy Biggest Loser Contestant to Lose 100 Lbs.?

Bar owner Art Mendoza lost the most weight to become the Biggest Loser of the Week in “The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition” and he is just nine pounds away from being the first Pinoy Biggest Loser con­­­­­­testant to lose 100 pounds.

He is facing a stiff competition from 31-year old Ryan, who has lost 92 pounds since the start of the show and now weighs 204 lbs. And once he loses eight more pounds, he will be the fastest Pinoy BL contestant to lose 100 pounds.

Art, who weighed 341 pounds at the start of the competition and joined the reality show because he didn’t want to die obese, lost an impressive ten pounds this week to weigh 250 pounds. To date, he has lost a total of 91 pounds.

This week, none of the remaining contestants went home after the group lost a total of 36 pounds, which was higher than the minimum required group weight loss of 30 pounds.

“This is the best and the happiest birthday I’ve ever had,” quipped Winwin.

This week, the seven remaining contestants undergo a cook-off, an Energizer challenge, and face another temptation.

The contestant who will eat the most pieces of macaroons or kwek-kwek will have immunity for the week. Will any of the contestants succumb to it?

The second placer will have the power to choose pairings for the week, which will be crucial because the next weigh-in will be done by pairs.

Who will be the next contestant to be eliminated? Watch “The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition,” after “Guns and Roses” on ABS-CBN.

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