Food Magazine Throws a Welcome Merienda for its New Editor in Chief

After 15 successful years of FOOD, the Philippine’s largest-selling culinary magazine, now offers a bolder, fresher and tastier experience to its readers through the bright and ground-breaking ideas and management of its newly-installed editor-in-chief Nana Ozaeta.

In the welcome merienda held recently at The Stock Market restaurant in Bonifacio Global City, Nana said she’s ecstatic in taking the challenges of being the newest EIC of the country’s largest selling culinary magazine.

“After 16 years of providing lots of food stories, our editorial team decided it’s about time to bring in new readers, probably the younger generation. That’s why we decided to brighten up the photos and improve our magazine layouts. At the same time, we’d like to continue ‘FOOD’s’ legacy of providing kitchen-tested recipes, particularly on authentic Filipino dishes,” Nana said.

Nana is actually former editor in chief of a locally-published foodservice magazine. With her Masters degree in Communication, which she earned from Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania, no wonder Nana became successful as an editor and a Marketing Communications specialist, not to mention her stint as a Literature professor at the University of the Philippines. Her wide backgrounds in Communication and Literature make Nana a promising editor in chief of “FOOD” magazine.

However, it’s Nana’s passion for food, which started when she first learned to bake from her mother and was continued through culinary and baking classes here and abroad, that inspired her to learn more about good food and cooking. She is also the President of the International Wine & Food Society Manila Ladies Branch.

In just three months as an EIC of “FOOD,” she has brought exciting changes to the magazine. The look and feel of the magazine is now younger and fresher, to target younger generations who wish to grow with the magazine, as the earlier set of readers did.

“FOOD magazine is one of the first food magazines in the market and it really focused on kitchen-tested recipes. It is run by people who really love food and who really cook. It was my father’s [Geny “Kapitan” Lopez Jr.] favorite magazine because he just really loves to eat. Having a magazine like this is really heaven for someone who likes to eat. You know now there’s a lot of competition in the beginning, but it’s only one that dealt on how to cook. I want to thank the FOOD magazine team for putting out such a great product. You guys really do good work. Keep it up,” ABS-CBN Publishing Head, Ernie Lopez, said.

The intimate welcome merienda mounted was extra special, as Nana Ozaeta, with the help of Chef Max Rich who recently joined The Stock Market, introduced the sumptuous food served. Guests were able to talk with Ozaeta and experience great selection food from the magazine.

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