Kuya Kim Attempts to Fly in ‘Matanglawin’

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane…No it’s Kuya Kim!

For years, man has tried to imitate how birds can fly, but what will it take for man to fly? Kuya Kim Atienza, together with fellow “Showtime” host Teddy Corpuz, tries to fly as they aboard another exciting journey in “Matanglawin” this Sunday (May 22).

Teddy tries paragliding, while Kuya Kim attempts to float on air with the use of a cycloplane. The country’s Trivia King also traces the history of planes and its advancements when he visits the Villamor Air Base and comes face to face with one of the most feared World War II planes because of its speed–the Mustang.

Will turbulence hinder Kuya Kim and Teddy from flying? Find out this Sunday (May 22) 9:30AM in “Matanglawin”

2 Comments on Kuya Kim Attempts to Fly in ‘Matanglawin’

  1. parang si KIKAY lng… ay mali..masahol pa pala si KIKAY sa CHAKA….nyahahaha

  2. ang chaka! Parang kapamilyucks lang!

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