Kuya Kim Gets Weird

Kuya Kim embarks on an odd adventure this Sunday (Sep 1) as he features some of the weirdest phenomena, people, and animals in his multi-awarded educational program “Matanglawin.”


The country’s Trivia King investigates weird weather occurrences such as the 72-mudfish rain in Agusan del Sur as well as Siberia’s orange snow and Yangtze’s blood-red river.

The novelty doesn’t stop there because Kuya Kim gets to meet the Philippines’ Straw King and watches him attempt to beat a Guinness World Record by putting 410 drinking straws in his mouth and Nene Ederly who uses her mouth to pull a multicab and uses only her hair to pull a van.

Meanwhile, JB Carrasco and Kim Bantigue show different ways to express their personalities through tattoos, piercings, and even transdermal implants.

Animals won’t be left out of the picture in this weird world because Kuya Kim will introduce you to a bird with a chest as huge as a basketball and a horse with stripes.

Don’t miss “Matangawin” this Sunday (Sep 1), 9:45 AM on ABS-CBN.

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