Trivia King Faces Cobra King in ‘Matanglawin’

Kim Atienza will fly down south to Davao to search for the two most treacherous animals in the city—the Banakon or the King Cobra, and the Ostrich— this Sunday (Mar 28) in “Matanglawin.”


The country’s Trivia King will go to a damp and dingy forest to hunt down the venomous animal that has taken the lives of more than five people in the area. He will again put himself to the test when he finds out how dangerous this animal is.

Meanwhile, he will also visit the Tagum Farm in Davao and see for himself how fast, how big and how terrifying the ostrich really is. Ostriches can go as tall as nine feet, can run 70km/hour or equivalent to a speeding car in EDSA, and yet Kuya Kim wants to challenge an adult ostrich to a running match.



Don’t miss all these intense happenings in “Matanglawin” this Sunday (Mar 28), 11 Am on ABS-CBN.

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