Big Five of PBB Double UP Ready to Conquer Showbiz

Melai, Paul Jake, Jason, Johan and Tibo are now out in the real world and ready to conquer showbiz.

It was in October 4 when Pinoy Big Brother Double Up was launched via The Spooky Reveal where 14 housemates were introduced, including the double up twins JM and JP, Toffi and Kenny. In October 11, Big Brother introduced the second batch of housemates who would reside in his house with his secret weekly task given to Rob and Rica, Kath, Jimson and Patrick.

Things moved up to a different level of excitement inside Big Brother’s house this season because of a lot of twists like the double up house, double up housemates, pinoy big battle, big swap in Finland, big jump to the big night, resbak attack and many more.
After almost 19 weeks with more than 20 housemates who got evicted from the PBB house, the name of the latest Big Winner was finally revealed among the Big Five which is composed of Jason, Melai, Paul Jake, Tibo and Johan.

Melisa, “Ang Inday Kengkay ng Gensan”
Big Winner

In Gensan, he is called as “Inday Waknat” which means “Inday Pangit”. Melai is jolly, simple and unpretentious. Whenever she goes with friends on a night out, she does not want to borrow their clothes. She wants to be recognized by people for who she really is.

Inside the PBB house, she gave color and meaning to it whenever it becomes dull. She made everybody have a good laugh with her jokes and punch lines.

She has impressed a lot of people because of her genuineness and positive disposition in times of difficulty. People fell in love with her and Jason’s love story that gained a large number of followers and supporters.

Paul Jake “Ang Negosyo Prince ng Cebu”
Second Big Placer

Paul Jake grew up with almost everything in his luxurious and comfortable life. But the “Negosyo Prince ng Cebu” was raised simple and wise. He once tried to act as one of their business’ laborer to further understand what it feels like working and relating with their workers.

He joined PBB to test himself with all the tasks and challenges given by Big Brother. He wants to establish his own business and own house that will come from his effort and hard work.

Inside Big Brother’s house, he started as a meek and silent housemate. But eventually, his housemates became aware of his existence especially that he showed that he is good at planning and developing strategies in their weekly task.

Paul Jake proved himself inside the Big Brother House. He was known as the leader with good strategies and tactics. He showed how strong his fighting spirit is when he did not lose hope during Resbak Attack.

Jason “Ang Boy Astig ng Mindoro”
3rd Big Placer

Jason grew up in Mindoro. He is known in his place because of his group’s reputation. He does not easily admit what he really feels, even to his own family but they have been his inspiration when he started joining Pinoy Big Brother.

It was never easy for him to mingle with other housemates inside the Big Brother House and people find it difficult to understand him too. But things changed when he gets closer to Melai.

As days passed by, we noticed that the once bad boy also has his sensitive side and is also a good friend, a selfless housemate, and a romantic lover.

Johan, Ang “Cutie Server ng QC”
Fourth Big Placer

As a kid, Johan was already exposed to a difficult life. Johan and his family live with their relatives since they do not have a house of their own. He wants to buy his own house so as to get a more private and good life for his family.

Johan started working young. His recent job was at TGIF where he works as a waiter.

We called him wallflower because it took a long time for him to open up with his fellow housemates until he finally got the chance to show his determination.

Inside the Big Brother House, Johan faced the issues of his past and made his dreams come true for his family. He did not fear to let the people know what he feels and he stands up for it.

Tibo, the “Dad of Steel ng CDO”
Fifth Big Placer

Tibo came from a brood of five, all products of one mom and five dads. One of her mother’s partners became the reason of a big commotion in their lives that forced him to leave his hometown. Due to lack of money and properties, Tibo had no choice but to accept almost all kinds of jobs which includes being a surveillance agent.

He entered the PBB house to give his wife and kids the life he dreams for them.

Inside the PBB house, Tibo served as the father to his fellow housemates. He always makes it a point to give pieces of advice to younger housemates and would even scold them if necessary. His physical strength is his weapon so if a task requires bodily strength, he gives all the power he has to win.

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