Princess Exits plus 5 Nominees on PBB Double UP 2nd Nomination Night

One voluntary exit, one automatic nomination and four nominees for eviction are what transpired during Pinoy Big Brother Double UP 2nd Nomination Night.

After Jim left the house last Saturday night, Princess followed last night by invoking “voluntary exit” from the house because of a violation. Yhel, on the other hand, received automatic nomination for violating the “don’t discuss the nominations” rule.

Four other housemates, selected by the majority via voting process, are also in the chopping block in danger of eviction this Saturday. They are Carol, Tibo, Delio and Marielle.

Here’s the press release from Pinoy Big Brother regarding the 2nd Nomination Night:

It was just yesterday that Carol was able to breathe a sigh of relief after hearing that she was safe from eviction. She believed that many did vote for her, and she expressed her gratefulness for their support. Little did she know that she would be calling on this support yet again, as she joins the list of nominees for the second time. Her inability to control her emotions proved to be her downfall, as it came to the point that she allowed this to rule her actions. The other housemates viewed this as a sign of immaturity, something that had already caused friction within House B. Tension between her and Hermes was a concrete example of this. Carol seems to be growing up, though, as she accepted her second nomination with a smile, a total shift from last week?s tears.

Yhel and Marielle were given automatic nominations by Kuya. Like Princess (who has opted for a Voluntary Exit after Kuya called her attention on a violation), they committed a major violation about discussing the nominations. Marielle casually told Yhel about not voting for someone, and Yhel made the mistake of repeating this information to someone else. Their housemates were informed of this and were given the chance to perform a task in exchange for the safety of one of them. Finally, House B was successful in their task, and they chose to save Marielle, leaving Yhel with the automatic nomination. This action was overturned by the housemates themselves, as their votes led to Marielle being nominated anyway. They felt that she had committed too many violations, even involving Yhel in the process. With her tough personality, they also believed she would be able to handle the stress of the nomination with ease. For their last words, both remained perky as they asked for another chance to show the world what they have to offer.

Tibo was, surprisingly, part of the list of nominees. Aside from the fact that his housemates felt he would rather be with his family, his change of decision regarding last week’s task was what cost him points. Delio was also nominated. Apparently, Princess was not the only one who felt his tough act was getting old. Quite a number of the housemates felt that he was difficult to talk to, being too self-righteous and egoistic by refusing to consider the opinions of others. Both housemates remained calm upon hearing their fate, believing that everyone had to experience it at some point. They kept their message short and sweet, both asking for support from their kababayans and sending an “I love you” to their respective families.

The polls are now open to receive your votes! Who do you think deserves another shot to stay in the house? Make your vote count by texting BB (housemate’s name) and sending it to 2331 for Globe, TM, Sun Cellular and Bayan Wireless Landline users or 231 for Smart and Talk n Text subscribers. You may also cast your vote online by logging on to

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