PBB Housemates Show Strength of Character During ‘Resbak Attack’

The housemates experienced action, drama, and comedy this week because of “Resbak Attack,” the twist from Big Brother which summoned back eight ex-housemates of “Pinoy Big Brother Double Up.”

The eight former housemates used different ways to make Hermes, Johan, Kath, Tibo, Paul Jake, Jason, Mariel, and Melisa show their true character. Ex-housemates like Patrick, Yuri, and Delio confused the housemates who were busy with their weekly task of building and guarding a domino tower. The present housemates didn’t know for certain if their old friends had good intentions for coming back.

Meanwhile, Princess drew the housemates’ emotions by confronting them with not so nice perceptions on them by other housemates and the public.

Through “Resbak Attack,” the ex-housemates weren’t trying to point out who is right or wrong, or set a standard on how to react to things properly. Their goal was to see how the housemates would react in a given situation.

After interacting with the housemates in House A, the Resbak Team reconvened at House B to discuss how the housemates reacted. Praises went to Paul Jake and Mariel who were upfront about what they truly believed in, regardless of what others might think.

Likewise, the ex-housemates also commended Jason and Melai who stood up against their housemates because they believed friendship was more important than the weekly task.

As the Big Night approaches, another housemate will leave the house. Who among Hermes, Johan, Kath, and Tibo will be evicted? Find out with Mariel Rodriguez, Toni Gonzaga, and Bianca Gonzalez this Saturday (Jan 23) on the “PBB Eviction Night” after “MMK.” Also watch for the Live Nomination Night on Sunday (Jan 24) after “George and Cecil.” Also catch the weekly highlights on “PBB Weekend Primetime” every Saturday and Sunday at 6 pm on Studio 23.

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