Jason Prepares to Formally Court Melai in PBB Double UP

Two weeks before the “Big Date on the Big Night” on February 13, the housemates of “Pinoy Big Brother Double Up” will have to confront the issues they left in the outside world.

Early this week, we saw Paul Jake and Jason do sacrifices to pave the way for the resolution of Mariel and Melisa’s relationship issues.

Though they originally came from rival houses, Mariel and Paul Jake became two of the closest friends inside the house. As a sacrifice, Paul Jake dressed and acted like Mariel the whole day to enable Mariel to speak with Paul Jeffrey, the father of her baby. Paul Jake’s sacrifice made him burst into tears due to pure exhaustion.

Mariel met Paul Jeffrey in House B, where she expressed her sentiments about the lies in their relationship. The man asked for her apology and asked for a chance to make the relationship work.

In the confession Room, Mariel admitted that if she was only to consider her own emotions, she would break up with her partner. However, she doesn’t want her kid to grow up in a broken family.

Jason, on the other hand, went to visit Big Brother to express his desire to formally court Melai. However, he is bothered by Melisa’s current feelings for her ex-boyfriend Roy. As a solution, Jason accepted the challenge to perform a sacrifice for Melai that would enable her to have a closure with her ex-boyfriend.

The sacrifice would require Jason to walk continuously for 17 hours, which is equivalent to 1,503 minutes representing the 1,503 km distance from Big Brother House to General Santos. Will this finally bring the happy ending to Jason and Melisa’s love story inside the PBB house?

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