Meet the Pinoy Big Brother Double UP Housemates

The 14 housemates of Pinoy Big Brother Double UP were finally revealed Sunday night.

Toni Gonzaga, Mariel Rodriguez, and Bianca Gonzalez are back as hosts of Pinoy Big Brother. They introduced the 14 housemates to the excited viewers one by one. They are:

Princess, the Sassy Vamp ng Cebu:

Tom, the Romantic Stud ng Samar:

Delio, the Simpatikong Kusinero ng Batangas:

Paul Jake, the Negosyante Prince ng Cebu:

Jason, the Boy Astig ng Mindoro:

Melissa, the Inday Kengkay ng Gen San:

Yuri, the Multilingual Hottie ng Japan:

Carol, the Conservative Pharmacist ng Tondo:

Mariel, the Struggling Mom ng Davao:

Yhel, the Young Widow ng Pampanga:

JP, the Jetsetter Dad ng Quezon City, and his twin brother JM, the Delightful Dad ng Quezon City:

Toffi, the Basket Bolero ng Rizal, and his twin brother Kenny, the Joker Jock ng Rizal:

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