Hermes, Carol, Patrick & Sam Nominated in PBB Double UP

Hermes, Carol, Patrick, and Sam are in danger of being evicted from the “Pinoy Big Brother” house after being nominated by fellow housemates in “PBB Double Up.”

Before the actual nomination night, Hermes already had a three-point lead over the other housemates after Carol decided to vote for him face-to-face as a consequence of the “Head of Household” (HOH) game called “Electric You.”

Carol finished last in the game and as punishment, she was asked to give three points to one housemate by stamping a huge number three on her chosen housemates’ forehead. As expected, Carol chose Hermes, the man who made her smile from kilig and also made her cry due to jealousy.

As the winner of the HOH game, Paul Jake was rewarded with his favorite food, pizza and burger, which he shared with Jason. He also got to send a text message to his girlfriend and is allowed to shower anytime he wants. Other perks given to HOH in previous seasons are the privilege of giving automatic nomination to another housemate or a shower for two in the exclusive shower room.

Meanwhile, Sam celebrated her 20th birthday via a Hawaiian-themed party. The housemate had a blast, including Rica who seemed to have had herself drunk and rolling on the floor. After the non-stop dancing, rolling and drinking, the sober Rica began crying to express her longing for her boyfriend who is in the outside world.

Was Sam’s party a farewell party as well? We’ll find out this week through the new voting system. PBB Viewers can now choose to vote to save or to evict their chosen nominated housemate. To “Vote to Save” via mobile, just text BB(space)NAME OF HOUSEMATE. To “Vote to Evict” just key in BBE(space)NAME OF HOUSEMATE and send 2331 for Globe, Sun Cellular, TM and Bayan Wireless subscribers and 231 for Smart and Talk N’ Text subscribers.

Join Mariel Rodriguez in “Uber” after “Banana Split Daily Servings,” Toni Gonzaga in “PBB Double Up” on Primetime Bida after “Dahil May Isang Ikaw,” and Bianca Gonzalez in “PBB Double Uplate” every after midnight.

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