Kath Lopeña is Evicted from PBB Double UP

Among the 5 nominees for eviction, Kath Lopeña was the only one who got a negative percentage of votes.

After the votes to evict and votes to save were tallied, the 24-year-old “La Señora ng España” garnered -0.38% while the other four nominees all got positive scores. She became the 12th evictee during the Live eviction night of Pinoy Big Brother Double Up on Saturday. She was escorted by her husband, Jimson, who got eliminated on the earlier part of the season.

The percentage of votes are as follows:

Melai – +20.81%
Jason – +18.59%
Jake – +17.90%
Johan – +7.39%
Kath – -0.38%

As expected, Melai and Jason received the highest percentage of votes. Could this be a trend that they will end up the 1st and 2nd Big Placer, respectively?

And here’s the Fake Eviction Tally based on who the housemates want to evict among themselves:

Aside from Kath, “Kuya’s Darling” namely Rica, Princess and Yuri also left the house earlier in the show. They were cited for a job well done in testing the characters of the remaining housemates.

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