Melason, Put on the Spot in ‘PBB Double UP’

The wacky tandem of Melisa and Jason got some scolding this week in “Pinoy Big Brother Double Up.”

After Big Utol explained his strictness to eldest housemate Tibo, the Dad of Steel of Cagayan De Oro then informed his housemates that Big Utol blames the housemates’ mischief for Big Brother’s condition.

Tibo then singled out the loud and naughty tandem of Melisa and Jason. He said the two should be more responsible and should know how to listen. After this, “Melason” went outside and expressed their longing for close friends Rica and Carol, who they said were the truest among the housemates.

Meanwhile, even Melisa and Jason got into a little quarrel this week. Melisa was teasing Jason about his diapers when Jason kicked a rubber ball, which accidentally hit Melai’s face.

Melisa cried and walked out but soon the two were acting like nothing happened.

Paul Jake and Jason were punished for peeing on the garden walls of PBB. For this, Paul Jake and Jason were ordered by Big Utol to wear adult diapers and to drink a 5-gallon mineral water each. Even in previous editions of “Pinoy Big Brother,” Kuya never let violations like this pass.

Will this be Jason’s last punishment now that he is nominated for eviction this week with Johan and Sam? Find out with Mariel Rodriguez, Toni Gonzaga, and Bianca Gonzalez this Saturday (Jan 29 on the “PBB Eviction Night” after “MMK.” Also watch for the Live Nomination Night on Sunday (Jan 10) after “George and Cecil.” Also catch the weekly highlights on “PBB Weekend Primetime” every Saturday and Sunday at 6 pm on Studio 23.

VIDEO LINK: Melason’s Romance Sizzle

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