Pink is the New Red in ‘Queer Lovefest’

Valentines is also for the pink community as "Queer Lovefest" runs from February 17 to 23, 2010.

Gay-themed indie filmmaking in the Philippines is probably one of the most thriving in the world. In 2009 alone, there are probably more gay-themed movies that were shown in the big screen than mainstream ones and it also marked the year that a gay-themed movie surpassed the P100 million mark at the box office for the first time courtesy of Star Cinema’s “In My Life.”

This month of hearts, gay-themed movies will be celebrated once again via a film festival called “Queer Lovefest.” The event is being organized by the Philippine Independent Filmmakers Cooperative, in cooperation with Robinsons Movieworld. Movies that will be shown in the week-long festival include those that have been commercially and critically hits within the last two years (from 2008 to 2009) like Ang Laro ng Buhay ni Juan (directed by Jay Altarejos), Boylets and Quicktrip (Cris Pablo), Daybreak (Adolfo Alix), Dose (Senedy Que), Heavenly Touch and Walang Kawala (Joel Lamangan), Rome and Juliet (Connie Macatuno), Boy (Aureaus Solito), and The Thank You Girls (Bebs Gohetia). The first public screening of Ben and Sam, a gay love story starring Ray An Dulay and Jess Mendoza, and under the direction of Mark Shandii Bacolod will have its premiere in said film festival.

Here is the complete schedule of Queer Lovefest screenings:

Ben and Sam: Feb 17 @ 10pm

Dose: Feb 17 @ 12nn, Feb 20 @ 7:30pm, Feb 22 @ 2:30pm

Daybreak: Feb 17 @ 2:30pm, Feb 19 @ 10pm, Feb 20 @ 12nn

Walang Kawala: Feb 17 @ 5pm, Feb 18 @ 2:30pm, Feb 20 @ 2:30pm, Feb 22 @ 7:30pm

Boylets: Feb 17 @ 7:30pm, Feb 19 @ 5pm, Feb 20 @ 10pm

The Thank You Girls: Feb 18 @ 12nn, Feb 19 @ 7:30pm, Feb 21 @ 5pm

Quicktrip: Feb 18 @ 5pm, Feb 21 @ 2:30pm, Feb 22 @ 10pm, Feb 23 @ 12nn

Rome and Juliet: Feb 18 @ 7:30pm, Feb 19 @ 2:30pm, Feb 21 @ 10pm, Feb 23 @ 10pm

Laro sa Bahay ni Juan: Feb 18 @ 10pm, Feb 21 @ 7:30pm, Feb 23 @ 2:30pm

Boy: Feb 19 @ 12nn, Feb 20 @ 5pm, Feb 22 @ 12nn, Feb 23 @ 5pm

Heavenly Touch: Feb 21 @ 12nn, Feb 22 @ 5pm, Feb 23 @ 7:30pm

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