The Late Corazon Aquino Leads TIME’s Top 50 Fond Farewells for 2009

In 2009, the world bid goodbye to prominent personalities and our late president Corazon Aquino leads TIME Magazine's list of "fond farewells" this year.

US Senator Richard Lugar has this to say about our late former president Corazon Aquino:

Long before the fall of the Berlin Wall and the revolutions that transformed Central and Eastern Europe, Corazon Aquino led the People Power revolution, which toppled the Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos. His ouster after the infamous snap election of 1986, for which I was a U.S. observer, led TIME to name her Woman of the Year. Her presidency survived eight coup attempts as she patiently restored constitutional democracy to her country, where she died a revered figure. But her legacy was global. For the U.S., it marked the start of the Reagan doctrine to oppose authoritarianism of the right and left, and she helped inspire peaceful upheavals around the world. She showed that one person of modest demeanor can change history.

2009 Fond Farewells

1. Corazon Aquino
2. Bea Arthur
3. Norman Borlaug
4. David Carradine
5. Marilyn Chambers
6. Walter Cronkite
7. Merce Cunningham
8. Natalya Estemirova
9. Farrah Fawcett
10. Horton Foote
11. John Hope Franklin
12. Millard Fuller
13. Larry Gelbart
14. Paul Harvey
15. Thomas Hoving
16. John Hughes
17. Maurice Jarre
18. Michael Jackson
19. Ingemar Johansson
20. Stanley Kaplan
21. Jack Kemp
22. Ted Kennedy
23. Willem J. Kolff
24. Claude Lévi-Strauss
25. Karl Malden
26. Frank McCourt
27. Ed McMahon
28. Robert McNamara
29. Robert Novak
30. Les Paul
31. Claiborne Pell
32. Irving Penn
33. Natasha Richardson
34. William Safire
35. Soupy Sales
36. Paul Samuelson
37. Budd Schulberg
38. Ron Silver
39. Naomi Sims
40. Helen Suzman
41. Patrick Swayze
42. George Tiller
43. Mary Travers
44. John Updike
45. Andrew Wyeth
46. Velupillai Prabhakaran
47. John Mortimer
48. Jeanne-Claude
49. Shi Pei Pu
50. Kim Dae Jung

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