Gerald Anderson is 2009 Coverguy of the Year

After garnering 82% from the total of 86,750 votes, ABS-CBN golden boy Gerald Anderson is Starmometer's 2009 Coverguy of the Year!

Gerald Anderson received a total of 70,750 votes to win our Coverguy of the Year poll by a landslide. The winning cover for Gerald was the one when he posed shirtless on StarStudio magazine last July 2009.

Placing second this year was last year’s winner Piolo Pascual. It’s interesting to note that Piolo’s winning cover for last year was the one with Metro magazine when he also posed shirtless!

This is an invaluable tip for magazine publishers – if you want your magazine to sell like hotcakes, put a gorgeous hunk like Piolo or Gerald on the cover shirtless!

Here is the complete result of our poll:

Congratulations Gerald – our 2009 Coverguy of the Year!

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