Unlock the Secret to 24/7 Presko Summer: Downy Deo Power

“ANG INIT!” recently trended on Twitter, with hilarious memes and relatable anecdotes capturing what everyone is looking for these days – the secret to beat the relentless heat. But for moms, the situation is more intense.

Beating the Heat and Summer Ang-Heat

On top of this current struggle, moms face another challenge: summer ang-heat, the combination of sweat, dirt, and body odor. Sadly, our clothes don’t help with ang-heat either – they’re absorbing all the sweat, making the stink stick to us like glue and adding to the overall lagkit factor. 

But because  our little ones love playing under the sun, moms are put in the tricky situation of letting their chikitings play in the heat, which inevitably leads to that dreaded amoy-pawis (sweat odor) smell and malagkit (sticky) feeling.

So, on behalf of all moms, we wonder, “Is there a more practical and inexpensive way to keep kids smelling and feeling fresh while letting them enjoy the best of summer adventures?”

Power up the Freshness with Downy Sunrise Fresh

Well, guess what? The answer is a big YES! Beat the summer ang-heat with Downy Sunrise Fresh with 24HR Deo Power! 

With its powerful 24HR Deo Power formula, Downy Sunrise Fresh is able to target even the toughest malodors caused by sweat. The result? Fresher-smelling garments that your kids will love to wear while basking under the sun 24/7.

So, here’s to a summer full of great outdoor adventures for your kids and the whole family!

Araw-arawin ang bango at saya with Downy!

Make Downy Sunrise Fresh a part of your labada routine and strike the perfect balance between enjoying the summertime and smelling and feeling summer presko!

Bring your kids and family to select Robinsons stores to experience the special Downy displays.

Downy Sunrise Fresh with 24HR Deo Power is available at your nearest sari-sari stores and leading supermarkets or ecomm stores: Lazada and Shopee

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