No More ‘Sana All’: Keep All Your Clothes Downy-Sunrise-Fresh for Just P5 Per Wash!

Nowadays, it’s not just the sweltering heat that makes moms sweat. As the temperature rises, so do the prices of even the most basic commodities. As the budgetarian queens of the family, moms are challenged to stretch their budget and be strict with every centavo.

The impact is felt in every corner of the home, including the laundry room. With no choice but to be practical with labada expenses, moms can’t help daydreaming, “Sana all naka-Downy.”

The Challenge of Laundry Cherry-Picking

But the reality is moms are forced to make some tough choices when it comes to their family’s labada. They find themselves cherry-picking the clothes that get special fabcon treatment, usually leaving the poor pambahays to suffer on the sidelines.

But pambahays are clothes, too (and may arguably be the most important apparel in our closet). Sure, they may not strut on a catwalk, but they’re the unsung heroes of our daily lives. They’re our go-to comforters after a long day, our sidekicks as we tackle our chores, and our loyal partners during those late-night K-Drama marathons. For us who work from home, they’re also our everyday office ensemble. 

Why should they miss out on the Downy freshness too?

No Clothes Left Behind with Downy Afforda-Bango

With Downy Sunrise Fresh Tripid, your days of cherry-picking your laundry are over! For only 5 pesos, this afforda-bango solution can give every single garment in your laundry basket—even your pambahays—the special treatment it truly deserves. 

By eliminating odor-causing sweat, dirt, and stains that have been trapped in the fabric, Downy’s powerful 24Hr Deo Power ensures that all your clothes stay fresh throughout the day. Whether dressed in your cozy pambahays or your vibrant panlabas, give your family the confidence boost that comes with smelling fresh round the clock. 

Say goodbye to daydreaming of freshness for all your clothes and say hello to the real deal with Downy Sunrise Fresh Tripid.

24Hr-Presko for All for Only 5 Pesos

Feel and smell presko with the family all summer long with Downy Sunrise Fresh Tripid — only 5 pesos per wash! Make this afforda-bango laundry gem a regular part of your labada routine. 

Grab Downy Tripid at any leading supermarket or from your nearest suking tindahan.

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