10 Inspirational Life Lessons From Netflix’s Girlboss

The Netflix series GirlBoss is based on Sophia Amoruso, the founder of Nasty Gal, a clothing line. The autobiographical series as expected borrows heavily from Sophia’s life and while watching it, one gets to learn a lot about leadership, inspiration and of course, life lessons. Here are ten inspirational life lessons from the series Girl Boss. 

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1. To create a brand, it is important to go the extra mile

Sophia starts her business initially by selling vintage clothes on eBay. During one episode, a lady named Ladyshopper99 orders a wedding from eBay. Even though the package was delivered on time with the help of courier services like YunExpress and ePacket, the cloth was actually stained and it was returned by the angry customer. To ensure that the customer is satisfied and her profile does not receive a bad review, she goes the extra mile to ensure that the wedding dress is delivered in pristine condition before time. If you are passionate about something, you need to walk the extra mile too. 

2. Planning is important to get the job done

In the series, as Nast Gal grows, Sophia shifts her business from the office. She requires her dad’s help for the same, however, that requires some convincing. To convince her father of the same, she creates a detailed business proposal of the future projection based on her current sales. Planning is always important with the end goal in mind to meet the aim. 

3. It is important to be unique

With the internet overload, even Sophia faced the problem of market saturation. When she noticed that most of the clothes up for sale on eBay follow the same pattern, she took the matter in her own hand to present her clothes in a unique way. Unlike other clothes on display, she wears the cloth that she wants to sell and this made her stand out and the jacket was sold at no time. 

4. It is important to accept your flaws

Like any other human being, even Sophia is flawed. However, what makes her stand out is that she is aware of her flaws and further, she accepts them. She is authentically herself. She strives for improvement while acknowledging that she is flawed.

5. Success is not based on numbers 

During an upsetting turn of events when Sophia is feeling very low, her friend Annie comes to show her some truth. She tells her that success is not based on monetary figures and it is actually should be measured on the fact that her clothing brand touched many people’s lives. With people running behind an increasing number of followers and likes on social media platforms, it is important to realize that these numbers do not define their success. 

6. It is okay to help

No one is talented in every field and sometimes, it is important to acknowledge both your strengths and weaknesses. Sophia is good at picking vintage clothes and selling them. However, she failed miserably while creating a website for her store. She at the end finally delegated the job of creating the online store to Kaavi and voila, an attractive functional store came into the picture. It is always wise to delegate the duties that you know that you are not good at. 

7. It’s okay to have an unfigured life

Figuring out life seems like a purpose that needs to be achieved when within the prescribed time according to the norms of the society. It is important to remind oneself that sometimes it is okay to have a messy life and it will not be the end of the world. Sooner or later, when the time is right you will find the purpose of your life and you will nail it. 

8. Start a business and then grow

Many people want to begin an entrepreneurial journey but the belief that they are not equipped with the right knowledge for it holds them back and soon it simply becomes a dream. Girl Boss teaches you that it is okay to start a business even if you do not have the knowledge required for it. It is because as the business grows, even you will grow and you will get equipped with the required knowledge. 

9. It is okay to mistakes

People only share their success stories but it is important to understand that behind the success, a lot of mistakes exist too. Mistakes ensure that you grow and therefore it is okay to make mistakes. However, it is also crucial to ensure that those mistakes do not define you. 

10. Perseverance is important

No matter whether you are motivated or not, it is important to start the job that you have started. Things do not work in a straightway. A journey will have its own ups and downs and at times like this, remind yourself that perseverance is important to achieve success. 

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