5 Eco-Friendly And Environmentally-Conscious Brands In Phillipines

Modern-day customers are getting very picky and now choosing authentic and eco-friendly brands that offer organic products made with sustainable materials because they don’t want to harm the planet Earth. Companies and Brands in the Philippines have realized this change and there is now an increasing number of brands that have changed the way they operate and now offer strictly eco-friendly and organic products. 

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From a toothbrush made of bamboo to organic beauty products, you will find all sorts of organic and sustainable alternatives to everyday products. With that being said, let’s have a look a 5 Eco-Friendly And Environmentally-Conscious Brands In the Philippines:

1. Echostore

Echostore stands for Environment, Community Hope Organization store. It is a brand that is known for selling sustainable and organic products. The store has a lot of different products to offer including home and body basics, coffees, teas, and even eco-bags. All of the products are made from organic and recycled materials to reduce the carbon footprint on the environment.

Echostore is known all over the country for its amazing products and good reputation. The stores promote organic products that are produced by local communities. If you are someone who is looking to try everything eco-friendly, from home products to beauty products, then head over to your nearest Echostore and try the products listed.

2. The Old Wood PH

If you are someone who likes redecorating and loves furniture then you should give Old Wood PH a visit and check out their eco-friendly & customized furniture. The company focuses on one of the most important issues and minimizes deforestation by recycling the wood from used and old furniture and then using that wood to design a new piece of furniture.

The company focuses on preventing deforestation which has become a major concern and companies aren’t realising this. Even if the major companies stop using paper documents and use digital documents such as PDF, Word, or JPG because such formats are interconvertible and relatively easy to use e.g PDF to Word is possible and so is JPG to PDF, then it would reduce the carbon footprint on the environment by a lot. If you are looking to get furniture made from recycled wood then you can visit The Old Wood PH as their handcrafted furniture can be personalized and made according to your choice.

3. Zero Basics

Another eco-friendly brand on the list is Zero Basics. It is the perfect brand to get you started on a zero-waste route. Zero Basics is an independent vegan brand based in Paranaque. The brand has a variety of products, from beauty to personal care all of which are eco-friendly, even their containers.

All of their products are organic and don’t contain anything harmful plus they are also available at an affordable price. The containers in which the products are sold are recyclable and if you want to use the same product again then you can get a refill instead of buying the new product.

4. Ritual PH

Ritual PH is another store in the Philippines that is setting standards all over the country for an organic and eco-friendly lifestyle. Ritual PH started as a small general store in Makati and it is managed by a few people who were conscious about the environment and wanted to promote organic products.

They have different products to sell including local delicacies such as Banana Flour, Coconut Sugar, Dulce Gatas, Muscovado Sugar, etc. Along with local delicacies, you get other everyday items like oils, insect repellants, dishwashing liquid, detergent bar, liquid soaps, etc and you can also try out their naturally prepared drinks such as fruit wine. All of the products that you will find on Ritual PH are made from organic materials and if you want a refill then you can visit their store with your container for a refill instead of buying the new one.

5. Human Nature

If you are looking for eco-friendly companies in the Philippines then know that the list would be incomplete without the brand Human Nature. Human Nature is a famous brand that is known all over the country for its organic & sustainable bath and body products. The company offers cosmetics, home, and lifestyle products all of which are made from organic and sustainable materials and are much better alternatives of the synthetically made products from chemicals.

With the increasing amount of plastics in your oceans and more & more environmental disasters arising out with every passing day, these are indications that we need to take care of our planet, otherwise, we will be putting us all at risk. We can use recyclable products, stop deforestation, use sustainable materials and organic products, reduce plastic waste, and promote more of such companies who are doing their part to take care of our planet.

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