Top 10 Most Viewed K-Pop Music Videos of All Time

K-pop music has been invading the world for as long as we can remember. In fact, most K-pop songs have become household names in different music charts worldwide for a number of years. There is much to be said about the kind of entertainment brought about by Korean artists, and their music videos are probably just one of the many things their fans love about them. K-pop fan or not, have you ever wondered which K-pop music videos have been viewed the most? If you have, then here’s the list of the top 10 most viewed K-pop music videos of all time, as of August 2020.

10. BTS – “Fire”

Released in 2016, this BTS music video has gained 755,504,916 views. The video showcases the boys and their killer dance moves which go along so well with the groovy music. Indeed, everything in this mv will set you on fire.

9. PSY feat. HYUNA – “Oppa Is Just My Style”

This 2012 hit is probably what PSY is famous for (or is it the other way around?). This so-called “Hyuna Version” of Gangnam Style gained 769,780,019 views which made Hyuna even more famous and sought after name in the Korean music scene.

8. BLACKPINK – “As If It’s Your Last”

This music video gained 838,124,968 views since its release in 2017. With the funky beats of this song, along with Blackpink’s superb dancing skills and special effects, no wonder that this video became one of the most wanted.

7. BTS feat. HALSEY– “Boy With Luv”

Another BTS music video made it to the list at number 7, and this time it’s Boy with Luv. The video was viewed 874, 814, 664 times since its release in 2019, and we see the boys once again in their colorful hairs and suits.

6. BLACKPINK – “Boombayah”

It’s Blackpink again at number 6, with Boombayah—it gained 924,797,298 views since 2016, when it first came out. The girls in their pseudo-schoolgirl outfit dancing in the hallway low-key reminded me of Britney’s Baby One More Time, and once again their dance moves complimented the song so well.

5. BLACKPINK – “Kill This Love”

Number 5 on this list is again brought to you by Blackpink. Kill This Love sounded a little different from their two songs that are also on this list, and its music video was viewed 947, 520, 852 times since its release in 2019.

4. BTS – “DNA”

BTS’s DNA music video gained 1,049, 394,004 views since its premiere in 2017, securing the fourth spot on this list and their very first MV to surpass 1 billion views! The boys are once again showcased in colorful clothes, hair, and backdrop that made the video visually stunning.

3. BLACKPINK – “Ddu-du Ddu-du”

On the third spot is another Blackpink video, Ddu-du Ddu-du with 1,252,380,122 views since its release in 2018. This party song is said to be the first music video by a female k-pop group to reach 1 billion views.

2. PSY – “Gentleman”

Everyone must know this song from seven years ago, with its music video gaining 1,335,270,151 views since its premiere in 2013. A lot of children (and even adults) must have grooved in this song in birthday parties.

1. PSY – “Gangnam Style”

Gangnam Style has been on the first spot since its release in 2012, invading every video sharing site with a whopping 3 billion views – 3,723,932,343 to be exact. This song rocked the whole world with strong dance rhythm that’s easy to follow and groovy music that’ll make you want to dance whenever you hear it.

What’s your favorite among the list?

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  1. I wish twice was on here:(

    But congrats to BTS,PSY,and Blackpink.

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