Filipino-Dubbed Thai Series ‘Still 2gether,’ ‘I’m Tee Me Too,’ and ‘Come To Me’ Landing Soon on iWant

More Thailand series are coming their way to the country as Filipino-dubbed versions of the “2gether” sequel, the all-new “I’m Tee Me Too,” and the 2019 romance drama “Come to Me” stream soon on iWant.

This August and September, iWant will stream the Tagalized “Still 2gether” and “I’m Tee Me Too” simultaneous with their airing in Thailand. Both series feature GMMTV’s four most popular boy love pairs namely BrightWin in “Still 2gether,” and KristSingto, TayNew, and OffGun in “I’m Tee Me Too.”

The five-episode special sequel to “2gether” finds Tine (Win Metawin) and Sarawat (Bright Vachirawit) spending every minute happily together for two years. However, the sweet couple will face challenges in their relationship as they juggle their personal conflicts and responsibilities at the university.

Meanwhile, “I’m Tee Me Too” stars Off, Gun, Tay, New, Krist, and Singto, who play six guys with different personalities living under one roof. Together, they find out new truths about themselves and learn about friendship.

On August 8, iWant will debut the supernatural romance drama series “Come To Me,” which follows soft-hearted ghost Mes (Singto), who questions why nobody ever visits his tomb 20 years after his death. One day, a boy named Thun feels pity for Mes’ neglected tomb, leaves a heart-shaped candy on it, and promises to return.

Years later, Thun (Ohm) is all grown up and Mes realizes that the former can see his spirit form. Despite being in two different worlds, the boys fall for each other as they uncover the mystery behind Mes’ death.

“Still 2gether,” “I’m Tee Me Too,” and “Come to Me,” are produced by GMMTV, a leading content company in Thailand, which partnered with ABS-CBN for the airing of Filipino-dubbed versions of their shows in the Philippines.

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