Karina Bautista and Aljon Mendoza are Best Friends-Turned-Lovers in iWant’s ‘Ampalaya Chronicles’

iWant’s original ‘hugot’ anthology series “Ampalaya Chronicles” continues its bitter and relatable love stories with Karina Bautista and Aljon Mendoza as they star in the series’ second episode as friends who give romantic love a shot.

Titled “Labyu Hehe,” the episode follows the intricacies of dating one’s best friend, based on “Ampalaya Monologues” book author Mark Ghosn’s spoken word piece of the same title.

Here, privileged Sol (Aljon) decides to take a year off college against the protests of his family and girlfriend. In the meantime, his best friend Peng (Karina), who has had a secret crush on him for years, becomes his saving grace when she helps him get a job in her workplace. This draws them closer than ever before, drawing Sol’s girlfriend to jealousy and causing their breakup.

With no reigns to hold him back, Sol starts to see Peng in a different light and realizes she is the right girl for him—she knows him better than anyone else, shares with him the same interests, and is not fussy like his ex-girlfriend.

The best friends embark on unchartered territory as boyfriend-girlfriend, but where will their love story take them? Will they find a happily ever after, or will it fall into disaster?

“Labyu Hehe” is directed by Isabel Quesada and produced by Firestarters Production. Its cast also include Reign Parani, Roxanne Guinoo, Michael Flores, Tess Bomb, and Wowie de Guzman.

The anthology series “Ampalaya Chronicles” is based on the best-selling book and stage performances of curated spoken word poems the “Ampalaya Monologues” by Mark Ghosn. Its first episode “ADIK,” starring Khalil Ramos and Elisse Joson, premiered last January.

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