‘Barbara Reimagined’ Offers Chilling, Unexpected Twist to Filipino Horror Classic

iWant resurrects Celso Ad Castillo’s legendary psychological horror film “Patayin Mo sa Sindak si Barbara” with a modern re-telling of its story in the iWant original movie “Barbara Reimagined,” which is now streaming for free.

The new iteration is directed by Benedict Mique (“ML” and “MOMOL Nights”) and Celso’s late son Christopher Ad Castillo, with Nathalie Hart playing Barbara.

The horror classic, which marks its 45th anniversary this year, featured Susan Roces as the eponymous character and became essential to the legacy of horror as a genre in Philippine cinema. It has since sprung different Barbaras for generations of viewers, played by Lorna Tolentino in “Patayin sa Sindak si Barbara” in 1995 and Kris Aquino in the ABS-CBN teleserye of the same title in 2008.

Like its previous versions, “Barbara Reimagined” tackles the fraught relationship of two sisters, packed with a bunch of jumpscares throughout the film.

The iWant movie, however, offers a dark and disturbing twist that will catch viewers completely off guard.

Nathalie also adds sultriness to the character, and is supported by JC de Vera as the dashing James, Mariel de Leon as Barbara’s delusional sister Karen, and child actress Xia Vigor as Karen and James’ daughter Isabelle.

In “Barbara Reimagined,” Barbara comes home for the funeral of Karen, who died after committing suicide. While grieving, she finds comfort in Karen’s husband James, who is also her former lover.

With her unstable niece Isabelle needing a mother and the fire of her relationship with James just reignited, Barbara decides to stay and fill the hole her sister left.

However, strange events will happen upon her return and she uncovers the reason surrounding Karen’s mysterious death.

The iWant original movie premieres today as part of the lineup of the 2019 Cinema Originals Film Festival.

“Barbara Reimagined” is co-produced by LoneWolf Films and Malaya Roxanne Santos.

Users can now stream “Barbara Reimagined” on the iWant app (iOs and Android) or Also available for streaming on iWant are Celso Ad Castillo’s original version and Chito S. Roño’s remake with Lorna Tolentino and Dawn Zulueta and their restored versions.

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