Iza and Jameson, in a May-December Romance in ‘Loving Emily’

When a married woman’s family and career are no longer fulfilling for her, how can she find a way to be happy and love herself?

Iza Calzado arrives at an unexpected crossroad when she is forced to choose between her miserable family life and an uncertain future after falling in love with a younger man (Jameson Blake) in “Loving Emily,” iWantTFC’s newest original series streaming on November 18.

Emily (Iza) is a woman in her 40s who seems to have a perfect life on social media, but feels invisible at home. She plunges deeper into her misery when she learns that her husband (Epy Quizon) has been having an affair but is unable to confront him about it.

After Emily’s father dies, she takes a long and lonely drive to her hometown and finally faces an ugly truth: Not only is her father gone, but the life she dreamed for herself, her family, and her lie of a life are all dead as well.

It is in this vulnerable moment that she meets Vince (Jameson), a young man in his 20s. The next thing she knows, she is in a hotel room with him having a one-night stand.

Her tryst with Vince shakes up her world and gives her hope about the possibilities in life and love.

But then she must decide: will she continue to be miserable by staying with her family or will she be brave enough to start over with someone new? How far can Emily go to find the love that will complete her?

“Loving Emily” is directed by Gerardo Calagui and also stars Christian Vasquez, Ruby Ruiz, Anne Feo, JJ Quilantang, Claire Ruiz, and Heaven Peralejo.

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