Southeast Asian Idol Groups Battle: TRINITY vs SB19 vs UN1TY vs D1Verse

Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam now have home-grown Idol groups of their own and four of them are getting international recognition. In the near future, we believe, these four could give K-pop boy groups a run for their money.

There are actually around 30 boy-groups in Southeast Asia but only four of these groups are getting noticed outside of their home countries. Because of their MV views and social media engagement, we believe these are the Top 4 boy-groups in the region. Let’s meet them one by one:

Indonesia’s UN1TY

UN1TY is a group with 8 members from 1ID Music Project. They are composed of Fajri, Farhan, Fenly, Fiki, Gilang, Ricky, Shady, and Zweitson. They debuted with the ballad “Coba Cintaku” last December 8, 2019. The group had their breakthrough when they released their upbeat song last February 14 titled “Satu.” Then last March 20, they released their third single “Pangeran Tidur.”

UN1TY – “Satu”

UN1TY – “Satu” Dance Practice

Vietnam’s D1Verse

There are actually a number of boy groups in Vietnam as this country is also hardly hit by the K-pop fever. But the one group that is getting international recognition to date is D1Verse which is composed of 5 members: Hong Phu, Quang Huy, Duc Ung, Minh Hoang, and Tran Binh. Managed by RBW Entertainment, they are the first boy group in the Southeast Asian country to have all Vietnamese members. And did you know that all 5 of them appeared as back-up dancers in the music video of the K-pop boy group ONEUS for their single “LIT”? They debuted on December 15, 2019 with “Bring it Low” but their second single “Monster” which was released last Feb 27, 2020 is the one getting the buzz as it was also released in South Korea.

D1Verse – “Monster”

D1Verse – “Monster” Practice Video

Thailand’s TRINITY

Just like Vietnam, Thailand also has a handful of boy groups trying to break through the international stage. One group is actually making it possible: TRINITY. Managed by 4NOLOGUE, the group consists of James, Porsche, Third and Jackie and they debuted on September 13, 2019 with the song “Haters Got Nothing”. The members were all part of project group 9×9.

TRINITY – “Haters Got Nothing”

TRINITY – “Haters Got Nothing” Dance Practice

Philippines’ SB19

SB19 is the first Filipino boy-group trained under a Korean entertainment company, SHOWBT. They are composed of Sejun, Josh, Justin, Ken and Stell. They debuted last October 26, 2018 with the ballad track “Tilaluha.” They had a breakthrough when they released the dance practice video of their second single “Go Up” last September 2, 2019. Their third and latest single “Alab” which was released last January 9, 2020 catapulted the group to greater heights making them the first act from Southeast Asia to penetrate the Top 10 of Billboard Social 50 chart alongside BTS, NCT 127, and ATEEZ!

SB19 – “Alab”

SB19 – “Go Up” Dance Practice

Now that you met the 4 rising boy-groups in Southeast Asia, we are starting a poll on who do you think is the BEST BOY-GROUP in the region?

Here are the mechanics for this poll:

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  • This poll will be closed on April 29, 2020 at 12:00noon HKG/TPE time.
  • The group with the highest number of votes will be the winner.


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