Selena Gomez Looks for a ‘Boyfriend’ in New MV

Selena Gomez dropped the music video for her new single “Boyfriend” on April 10. It’s a track from her third studio album called “Rare.”

In the music video, we see Gomez going on dates with guys she doesn’t like, and eventually turning them into frogs. There’s a scene in the video that fans claim to be the pop star’s “shade” against ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. At time frame 2:07, Gomez is seen putting the vial she used to turn one man into a frog into her glove compartment, and in it, a ring box is also seen. Rumor has it that Bieber proposed to Gomez in 2018, and to support that theory is the latter’s song called “Ring.”

Check out the music video for “Boyfriend” below which already surpassed the 6 million views mark on YouTube as of this posting:

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