SB19 Releases the Dance Practice Video for ‘What?’

After the success of their music video for their latest single “What?” which garnered 8,691,729 views as of this posting, P-pop boy group SB19 unleashed their dance practice video for the track.

Dance practice videos are highly anticipated by boy or girl group fans because this is where they can see the full dance routine for the song. In the music video, they can only see part of the routine because of added aesthetics but in dance practice videos, you can appreciate the high-octane choreography uncut!

It can be remembered that the very first dance practice video of SB19 (for “Go Up”) went viral in 2019 because of the group’s super synchronized moves. It became “talk of the town” and even trended on social media and praised by various reactors even foreigners.

Their dance practice video for “What?” is no different. You can see Stell, Pablo, Josh, Ken, and Justin become one while passionately hitting the melody with their moves, something their fans ATIN love about them.

Check it out:

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