Andrea, Seth, Francine, and Kyle of the Gold Squad Announce Upcoming iWant Movies

The popularity of the hit afternoon series “Kadenang Ginto” continues to spread beyond TV and spill over the internet as its teen quartet, The Gold Squad, composed by stars Andrea Brillantes, Francine Diaz, Seth Fedelin, and Kyle Echarri recently announced their upcoming iWant original movies and recently recorded more than one million subscribers on YouTube.

The love team SethDrea, or Andrea and Seth, will star in their first digital movie called “Wild Little Love,” a romance-drama where they will act alongside showbiz veterans Carmina Villaroel, Alfred Vargas, and Victor Neri, as well as “Kadenang Ginto” co-star Criza Taa. “It’s Showtime’s” recently crowned Ultimate Bidaman Jin Macapagal will also join the project, his first movie ever.

KyCine, or Francine and Kyle, will also find love and magic in the iWant original romance-drama fantasy movie “Silly Red Shoes,” where they will be joined by Herbert Bautista.

The Gold Squad members will start filming their iWant movies this month, and fans can expect them to come out on the streaming service before the year ends. Last week, iWant also dropped the psycho-horror “Abandoned,” Seth’s first starring film with his “Kadenang Ginto” co-star Beauty Gonzalez.

Meanwhile, the teen quartet’s popularity has also spilled over to the video-streaming platform YouTube as the group’s channel recently received the Gold Creator Award from YouTube for reaching one million subscribers. The channel managed to achieve its latest milestone in less than four months, and has already 1.1 million subscribers to date.

The Gold Squad channel, which launched in May, has released 33 videos that have earned 54.6 million videos where they take on different fun challenges, provide updates to their fans about their personal lives, events, and projects. Their most matched video is “The Gold Squad ‘Halo-Halo’ Dance Tutorial Music Video,” which has recorded more than five million views.

Don’t miss “Kadenang Ginto” on Kapamilya Gold on ABS-CBN and ABS-CBN HD (SkyCable ch 167). Subscribe to The Gold Squad’s official YouTube channel and watch out for their original movies on iWant.

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