Doris Bigornia Throws ‘Birthday Party’ for Orphan

Broadcast journalist continues to deliver happiness to ordinary people in “Mutya ng Masa” tomorrow (Aug 13) where she throws a birthday party-like surprise for a ten-year old orphaned boy.

Doris Bigornia MUTYA NG MASA

In the episode, Doris goes to Baywalk in Manila where she meets JM, who has been living in the area for two years now after he lost both his parents. When Doris asks JM what would make him happy, he answers that he would like to be taken to Star City and Jollibee as her mother used to take him to both.

Aside from surprising JM, Doris also convinces JM to start living at DSWD’s shelter for children where he will be looked after.

Doris explains that in “Mutya ng Masa,” the people in a particular community such as Baywalk, and not the program, get to choose who among them deserves help the most. Doris says that this refutes the belief that Filipinos no longer care for each other.

“We always ask people, ‘Who do you think should we help?’ and the people we ask, even when they’re equally impoverished, always point to another person who they think has a bigger problem than them. It’s amazing that we still want to help each other. We Filipinos are not greedy. ‘Someone needs help more than I do; you can help me later’ – that’s the concept of ‘Mutya ng Masa,’” Doris explains.

Don’t miss “Mutya ng Masa” tomorrow (August 13), 4:15 PM on ABS-CBN. For updates, follow @MutyaNgMasa on Twitter or visit

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