Doris Bigornia Spreads Good Vibes in Divisoria

Broadcast journalist Doris Bigornia goes to Divisoria in tomorrow’s (July 23) episode of ABS-CBN’s current affairs program “Mutya ng Masa” to spread positive vibes, mingle with and know the deepest wishes of the hardworking men and women in the market district.


Doris listens to the deepest sentiments of 12-year-old John Paul, who collects and sells plastic bottles everyday after school to provide allowance to his siblings. What’s the one thing that will make John Paul happy?

The “Mutya ng Masa” also bonds with Divisoria’s ‘kargador boys’ and ‘bitbit kids’ whose only wish is to watch noontime program “It’s Showtime” live.

Also get to know the story of Tatay Sammy, the so-called Divisoria Concert King, who uses his singing chops to sell clothes.

Don’t miss “Mutya ng Masa” tomorrow (July 23), 4:15 PM on ABS-CBN. For updates, follow @MutyaNgMasa on Twitter or visit

2 Comments on Doris Bigornia Spreads Good Vibes in Divisoria

  1. if you don’t like the show and so be it….pang Masa nga!

  2. useless! // July 22, 2013 at 4:01 pm //

    pangit.. another boring.. documentaries- hindi pinghihirapan.. kahit high school student magagawa yan.. ABS CBN is best station. they should be improving their NEWS section… Many students like me, prefer watching documentaries made by gma 7.., I think ABS should work on this..this is the truth..

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