‘Pagbabago 2013’ – Comprehensive Election Primer (Video)

As part of TV5's advocacy in voter education and empowerment, NEWS5 has released a comprehensive primer that will provide information on what all Filipinos need to know about the upcoming elections.

Pagbabago 2013

No less than TV5 Chairman Manny Pangilinan, during the recent launch of “Pagbabago 2013,” announced the network’s endeavor in providing one of the most comprehensive coverage of the coming elections with the participation of highly respected private and civil society organizations in the Philippines to help provide the quickest polling and result updates come May 13.

“NEWS5 brought together a formidable coalition of independent organizations to help ensure that this year’s elections are peaceful, honest and fair,” said Pangilinan. “More than providing voters with information, Pagbabago 2013 urges all Filipino voters to actively participate in the electoral process and to remain vigilant in safeguarding their votes. At the end of the day, what we hope to attain is a conscientious electorate that are able to put their candidates into account for their promises of good governance even long after election day,” he added.

Meanwhile, Check out the first episode of the Voters Education Series of “Pagbabago 2013.” In this video, Paolo Bediones explains why this year’s election is called “midterm election,” how many senatorial, congressional and local posts are being contested, how many senators are graduating, and more!

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