5 Inspiring Lives Featured in ‘Lima Para sa 2012’

NEWS5 presents five inspiring lives on “Lima Para sa 2012” yearend special led by the five pillars of NEWS5 Cherie Mercado, Paolo Bediones, Luchi Cruz Valdes, Erwin Tulfo and Cheryl Cosim. The TV5 special airs on December 31, 2012, at 9:30pm.

Lima Para sa 2012 led by the five pillars of NEWS5 (from left to right) Cherie Mercado, Paolo Bediones, Luchi Cruz Valdes, Erwin Tulfo and Cheryl Cosim

As 2012 bids goodbye, another year full of hope awaits optimistic Filipinos. According to a Pulse Asia survey, nine out of 10 Filipinos are hopeful about 2013—the survey firm’s highest recorded number since 2005. On New Year’s Eve, NEWS5 front liners, led by its chief Luchi Cruz-Valdes and anchors Erwin Tulfo, Cheryl Cosim, Cherie Mercado and Paolo Bediones, will tell five stories of inspiration from individuals whose stories may have missed the limelight in 2012, but certainly deserve to be told.

Take for example Mang Jun Sapiton, a 51-year-old ex-convict who saw the light after a series of misfortunes that killed his sibling, child and wife. As he served his 22-year sentence, the former pirate and hired killer welcomes his second chance in life as a dried fish vendor in San Mateo, Rizal.

On the other hand, Jean Maputi provided for her family by running an illegal logging business in Malaybalay, Bukidnon for 15 years. But after an onslaught of typhoons and landslides, she realized her livelihood is costing thousands of people their very lives. Not only did she leave her past behind, Jean is now one of nature’s toughest defenders as a member of the group Bantay Kagubatan and also operates 50 hectares of mountain land, which she has dedicated as a nature conservatory and eco-park.

For 20-year old Elizabeth Ramos, the only way out of poverty is getting into sex trade. At a tender age of 15, she entered the red light district as a club dancer without her parents’ knowledge. A year after, she got pregnant and bore another one just before she got separated with her children’s father. After five years in the sex trade, Elizabeth is now ready to tell her family where she gets the money to put food on table.

Raul Felipe, a 27-year-old doctor, readily shares his story on how he and his girlfriend in the medical school went on to abort their lovechild. It took Doc Raul a few years before he finally told his parents about what happened. He’s ready to share it with everyone to encourage people not to live a lie.

Arnel is an amputee who’s been bringing glory to the country by joining the SEA Games and other international competitions as part of the Philippine team for the differently-abled. But behind his successes is a dark past. He was a former jeepney driver who made money on the sidelines living a life of crime.

Join NEWS5 as it welcomes 2013 with stories of inspiration from five individuals who chose the right path this past year. Don’t miss “Lima Para sa 2012” yearend special on New Year’s Eve (December 31), 9:30PM on TV5.

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