‘Wattpad Presents’ Boosts Young Viewers of TV5, Kicks Off 3rd Wave of Primetime Mini-Series

TV5’s WATTPAD PRESENTS continuously creates a new trend in digital media as it further boosts the organic growth of Facebook and Twitter followers of the Happy Network.

The primetime romantic-comedy mini-series has also registered a significant increase in teen viewership, according to data from Nielsen Media Research, wherein a comparison of the past 4-week average for the WATTPAD PRESENTS timeslot prior to its launch yielded a 31% increase in national urban teen absolute viewership.

Since its launch last September, WATTPAD PRESENTS was able to create a solid community of followers that resulted in the notable organic growth of TV5 Manila’s Facebook account, with its digital contents already reaching 1.3 million people. Further, @tv5manila, the official TV5 Twitter account, has registered 372 million impressions for the keywords “Wattpad Presents”. The primetime program also proves to be a hot topic on Twitter as it consistently trends, with #WattpadPresents gaining almost 50,000 mentions in the last month alone. There are also over 30,000 Twitter users who have actively engaged in discussion about WATTPAD PRESENTS stories as they recap some of the most memorable and heart-fluttering scenes of these TV adaptations. To date, WATTPAD PRESENTS-related conversation in various social networking sites have already been seen more than 4 billion times.

With these remarkable numbers proving that TV5’s WATTPAD PRESENTS is continuously gaining support for its TV adaptations of popular Wattpad novels, the Happy Network is now unveiling the 3rd batch of “kilig” stories that will definitely make viewers crave for more.

WattpadWave3 - Mark Neumann WattpadWave3 - Shaira Mae

Opening WATTPAD PRESENTS’ next batch of primetime offering is the much-requested Book 2 of the successful TV adaptation of Mr Popular Meets Miss Nobody. Originally written by Pinky Jhewelii with almost 15.6 million reads on Wattpad, this romantic-comedy series brings back to television the well-loved character of “Kamahalan” Kyle. Featuring Artista Academy scholars Mark Neumann and Shaira Mae Dela Cruz, this most awaited sequel features the continuation of the compelling story of the ordinary but strong-willed Chelsea (Shaira) as she now becomes the official girlfriend of the most popular guy in their campus, Kyle (Mark). After fighting back his feelings and later on officially admitting that he is really in love with Chelsea, Kyle now has to fight for his girlfriend as he is being pushed by his father into an arranged marriage with his ex-girlfriend Mandy (Yassi Pressman). Will Kyle be able to prove to his father that Chelsea is the right girl for him? Or will he just end up with Mandy and let Chelsea be pursued by his friend, Adrian (Diego Loyzaga)? Find out this November 24 on WATTPAD PRESENTS “Mr Popular Meets Miss Nobody Book 2”.

WattpadWave3 - Bianca King WattpadWave3 - John James Uy

Welcoming the month of December is the next offering of WATTPAD PRESENTS, “His Secretary”, which is originally written by Elise Mae for Wattpad and presently with almost 10 million reads. Featuring Bianca King and John James Uy, “His Secretary” depicts the twisted life story of a struggling girl who wants nothing but to support her family but ends up falling in love with the sole heir of a business empire who happens to be her boss. Amanda (Bianca) is bent on supporting her family even if it means she has to take odd and peculiar jobs. Falling in love was not on her list of priorities but what can she do if her woman-hater boss Dale Anton Fortallejo (John James) falls in love with her? And to make things more complicated, Amanda’s past starts to haunt her just as when she is already falling in love with Dale. Find out if Amanda’s past becomes a hindrance to her budding romance with Dale or if she can still happily remain beside him by becoming more than his sectary. WATTPAD PRESENTS “His Secretary” airs starting December 1.

WattpadWave3 - Eula Caballero WattpadWave3 - Martin Escudero

For the week of December 8, WATTPAD PRESENTS brings the much-awaited TV adaptation of “Just for a While” by Orange Leaf which has almost 1.5 million hits on Wattpad. Featuring Eula Caballero and Martin Escudero, this rollercoaster love story features the hilarious tale between a boy who refuses to fall in love again because of a promise to a past love and a determined girl who refuses to give up. This heart-warming story begins when Alain (Eula) made a big mistake when she refused to eat the food personally cooked and served to her by Chef Luke (Martin), a passionate chef who takes his cooking craft too seriously. Though Chef Luke feels insulted by Alain’s refusal, he is somehow smitten by her loud personality and as fate would have it, the two continuously cross each other’s path. Find out if Chef Luke and Alain’s story is a perfect recipe for love or disaster.

WattpadWave3 - Chanel Morales WattpadWave3 - Kean Cipriano

Lastly, WATTPAD PRESENTS brings the TV adaptation of aine_tan’s ‘Game of Love’ which has more than 5.5 million Wattpad reads. Featuring Kean Cipriano, Chanel Morales, Nicole Estrada and Phytos Ramirez, this mini-series features the tale of four people trying their luck and eventually getting entangled in the game of love as they try to find their significant other. Find out how Jin (Chanel) and Gab (Kean) team up in order for Jin to win back Zeke (Phytos), her ex-boyfriend who broke up with her, while Gab tries to score a date with Mica (Nicole), his ultimate crush. Is love really a game that everyone has to play and win or is it something destined to happen? WATTPAD PRESENTS “Game of Love” airs on December 15.

WattpadWave3 - Phytos Ramirez WattpadWave3 - Yassi Pressman

Be inspired and get hooked on these daily dose of love stories and find out what everybody’s talking about as TV5 delivers WATTPAD PRESENTS, Monday to Friday at 9:30pm, only on TV5.

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