Kuya Kim and Teddy Learn How to be a Genius in ‘Matanglawin’

Ever wondered how you can follow the footsteps of Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, or Pablo Picasso?

Kim Atienza and guest host Teddy Corpuz, who will play as aspiring genius Dr. Frank Einstein, join the ranks of genius kids and talented animals to know the secrets behind their brain power this Sunday (June 3) in “Matanglawin.” He will introduce you to Bagwis, an aspin that will amaze you with its math skills, alongside other talented animals like a cockatoo that can bike.

Kim takes a peek inside the Mind Museum and checks out a giant brain to know how it works and maybe get a few clues on how people can use it to its full potential. Is it true that sleeping on books will help you memorize? Will listening to classical music make people smarter?

“Matanglawin” is part of ABS-CBN “Bida Best Kid” campaign launched recently that aims to empower children by encouraging them to become who they want to be and the best that they can be. It doesn’t only entertain and educate its young viewers with its values-oriented, child-friendly programs, but supports their dreams and aspirations as well.

Don’t miss another exciting episode of multi-awarded educational program, “Matanglawin,” this Sunday (June 3), 9:15 AM, on ABS-CBN.

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