‘Matanglawin,’ Wins Hearts of Thomasians in 8th USTv Awards

“Matanglawin” was once again recognized by the academic community as students of the University of Santo Tomas (UST) voted for the show as their Choice of Educational Program in the recently held 8th USTv Students’ Choice Awards.

This Sunday (Feb 19), Kuya Kim’s adventures continue as he gives color behind the existence of the colors black and white. How did black and white become the monochromatic shades we know now? What do these colors symbolize in our culture or beliefs? What do these colors mean in the world of animalandia?

Recently, “Matanglawin” was recognized by the students of the University of the Philippines Los Banos as the Best Educational Program in their annual Gandingan Awards. Kuya Kim was also recognized with the Gandingan ng Edukasyon and Gandingan ng Kalikasan awards.

Huwag palalampasin ang “Matanglawin,” ngayong Linggo (Feb 19), 9:30 AM sa ABS-CBN.

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