Kuya Kim to Create Snow on ‘Matanglawin’

Is it possible to have snow in the Philippines? This Sunday (February 28) on “Matanglawin,” the Philippines’ Trivia King Kim Atienza will show us how it is to make snow with the help of science.


Watch as the water that Atienza, who was recently inducted to the Hall of Fame of the Anak TV Seal Awards, pours into a cup magically turn into snow in another amazing episode from ABS-CBN’s multi-awarded science-environmental educational TV show.

Those looking for a cold, refreshing drink for the coming summer will also be amused at how Atienza makes a “slushy” using only a balloon and dry ice. He will also be using dry ice to make an eco-friendly mini-aircon that one can bring anywhere.

Also catch Letran volleyball player Kenny Almoguerra try out a different type of sauna, wherein instead of a very hot temperature, he will be experiencing extreme cold.

Watch out for that and many more “cool” experiments and discoveries on “Matanglawin,” this Sunday, 10am on ABS-CBN Channel 2.

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